Little Panda’s Chinatown Center

Address: 285 Tremont, Boston, MA 02116
Phone:    617-423-0500
Hours:    7:30AM—6:00PM, year-round

Details of our Chinatown Center:

5 Classroom Facility:
Infant Class (2 months – 15 months old)
Toddler 1 Class (12 months to 24 months old)
Toddler 2 Class (15 months to 2.9 years old)
Toddler 3 Class (24 months to 3 years old)
Preschool Class ( 3—5 years old)

Space: The center has 4,223 square feet of air-conditioned space, with a private outdoor play and running area for all age-appropriate children.

Enrichment activities: To complement Chinese learning, we also provide cultural enrichment activities such as weekly music,Kung Fu and swimming lessons, Chinese grocery store outings, Lunar New Year performance/celebration, mooncake/dumpling making, etc.

They Trusted Us

 We switched to Little Panda as our son was entering preschool age, and we couldn't have been happier to have done so. Our son is glowing after days spent learning and playing with his friends. The classroom setting is supportive and caring while preparing him for Kindergarten and beyond, and the staff and teachers are terrific. We'd recommend Little Panda to anyone!   

----Chinatown Center Preschool Ben and Sarah
 We have been a Little Panda family for almost 5 years since our eldest child began at the center when she was 1.5. Our second child is currently in Preschool and will be graduating this year. During our time at Little Panda, our children have been nurtured in their Mandarin language skills, but also in their learning and social emotional development. Our children have both loved attending the center and their relationships with their teachers!   

---- Chinatown Center Preschool Sharon
 Cindy and the Little Panda teachers have built wonderful and loving community. Chinese immersion is important for our family as we don't speak it at home but want our children to bilingual. Our daughter often comes home singing a new Chinese song or poem and we can see her mandarin comprehension has improved dramatically. She tells us how much she loves Little Panda and her teachers are nice which makes us feel assured that this is the right school for us. We plan on sending our younger child there as well.   

----Chinatown Center Young Preschool Jean
 We have been going to Little Panda for five years and continue to be amazed by the love and care the wonderful staff give our boys. The attention to the children and thoughtfulness that goes into the daily planning and celebrations (eg. Chinese New Year) is second to none.   

---Chinatown Center Infant Parent Carrie Cook
 My daughter absolutely loves it here. We make the trek all the way from Cambridge every day because the peace of mind of having her in a place where I know she's thrilled to be and has made the best of friends with her classmates and teachers is worth the extra commute. She is loved and stimulated at Little Panda and never fails to surprise us with the new things she learned there.   

----Chinatown Center Toddler Parent Eric
 With a daughter who graduated from Little Panda and with a toddler and infant still at the center, we have been part of the Little Panda family for more than six years now. The center has provided an enriching environment for our children and their development, not to mention Mandarin immersion! I love how many activities teachers do with the children, the fun projects they come up with, and even the immersive field trips that the center provides.   

---Chinatown Center Infant & Toddler Parent Emily Cove